Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab Centers

If you are like millions of parents out there these days, you never thought you would need to think about drug rehab centers within the context of getting your child help. The reality of today, however, is that drug overdose is the number one injury related cause of death in the United States today, surpassing auto accidents. This scary and sobering statistic adds a significant element of urgency to the situation if you discover your child — or other loved one — is using drugs. The reality is that there is really no time to waste when it comes to finding drug rehab centers — the sooner you locate the right one, the better off everyone will be including that special person you love so much.

Finding Drug Rehab Centers

For parents who have no experience with drug addiction, trying to navigate the world of drug rehab centers can seem like an overwhelming process with lots of decisions, terms and information thrown at you all at once. You want to find your son or daughter the help they so desperately need but you feel like the clock is ticking and you are running out of time. What is the right drug rehab center for your child? Should you find one that focuses on teens even if it means going out of state? What about a spiritually based drug rehab center since that philosophy fits into your family’s values? Is there even such a thing as a Christian drug rehab center?

You Are Not Alone

Although it might seem like it at times, you are not alone in this process. Beginning the procedure for admissions to a drug rehab center can be complex but we can help you through it. Our caring and knowledgeable professionals are here to walk you through the entire process — every step of the way.
Long Term Drug Rehab

Long Term Drug Rehab

Treatment for drug addiction can run the gamut with many different possibilities cropping up. Whether you are searching for help for yourself or a loved one, it is likely that you will find programs aimed at seniors, men, women with children, teens, those with spiritual beliefs and many others. Regardless of which segment of the population these drug addiction treatment programs focus on, they tend to be divided into two broad groups: long term inpatient rehab and short term drug rehab.

Short and Long Term Drug Rehab Explained

Short term drug rehab is typically limited to inpatient stays of 45 to 60 days. Some drug addiction treatment centers might also offer shorter stays of 14 to 30 days as well. These programs tend to be pretty intense as they are designed to provide the support and resources to get you started on the detox phase and stay off of drugs. Most centers recommend following up a short term inpatient program with an outpatient program as well.
Long term drug rehab can have residency terms that range from weeks to months. Depending on the program, its duration could be as long as a year. Many programs start off with a detoxification phase if the patient’s history warrants it before moving on to other support measures. These might include focus groups and counseling that attempt to delve into the reasons behind a patient turning to drugs as a coping skill. After the inpatient portion, a number of long term drug rehab centers provide extensive outpatient services that act as a bridge with those that are inpatient.
It is important to remember that you or your loved one didn’t become addicted to drugs overnight so it is a process when it comes to becoming drug free. We can help you find the right long term drug rehab based on your unique circumstances. Call us today!
Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers

Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers

Alcohol has a long history in this country. It is the basis for many gatherings of families and friends. This is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult coming to terms with the fact that you or a loved one has an addiction to the substance. If you find yourself waking up hung over or find that your relationships with family and friends are becoming more strained due to your drinking, it is likely to be a good time to seek out the services of inpatient rehab. This same strategy is also a fantastic starting point if someone you love is struggling with the effects of drinking too much.

How Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers Help You and Your Loved Ones

Regardless of whether you have an alcohol or drug addiction or a loved one does, it affects many people in your close social circle. Finding the right alcohol drug treatment centers can put you and those you love back on the path to happiness and better health. In many cases, you’ll need to undergo a period of detoxification in which your body rids itself of the toxins and effects imposed upon it by the alcohol or drugs that you use. Because addiction is a complex process involving physical, emotional and psychological effects, undergoing detox within a medical setting with trained personnel is highly recommended.
With the diverse range of alcohol and drug treatment centers available, it can be quite confusing to find the right one for your needs. The admissions process can also be a source of confusion as well. There are trained and caring professionals that can help you through all of the steps that are needed to find the right alcohol drug treatment centers. Take the first step and give us a call!